Artistic development

At the age of 18, I was fascinated by the luminosity of  Vermeer oil paintings. Moreover, I am always fascinated by the light direction and the way it is projected on different surfaces (glass, water, ice, metal...).

My supports are usually cotton canvas, solid wood, wood panels, as well as acid free papers. My mediums particularly are oil by preference, but I use more occasionally watercolour, soft pastel and egg tempera. That last medium please me because it allows me all the preparation work on the wood on which I will have to create my work of art.

Of classic style, a long preparation is usually necessary before applying color, the study of the subject is important as well as the drawing and perspective. Subjects that are particularly inspiring to me, are horses, architecture of old buildings as well as night-time scenes. I am perhaps a bit of a day-dreamer, the sky has always draw my attention and more particularly at night, that is why I try to represent the more realistic possible, according to my perception.

My art is also my way to be live where I learn and evolve. I would never want to erect barriers or set limits, because I always want to paint works that are inspired on the spur of the moment. In years to come, I hope to share the luminosity of my creations with as many persons as possible, while never giving up the enjoyment and self-development brought about by my practice of his art that is my life.

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